Friday, September 26, 2008


Chantal on our wedding day, she sure made a stunning bride hey!! The location, Langverwagt, surely was very stunning. I was told not to take any photos on our day but just could not resist... I managed to get these 2 shots and a few others for the day.... :-))

Wedding pics

A wonderful couple I worked with earlier this year. Actually I was the second shooter for a friend of mind and that usually creates some interesting moments to capture. Excellent couple to work with, thanks for having me with you guys for the day. Best of luck to you guys for the future.


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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Danny K

Danny K , originally uploaded by francoisNZ.

Danny K live at the CTICC 5th party.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chantal b&w

beautiful... isn't she???


another great shot of the beautiful lady in my life...


My wife, Chantal..
took this one on our honeymoon somewhere on the Garden Route...

Maternity photo-shoot

Below are a few photos of a beautiful couple awaiting their first child. They were both extremely happy about the results and they were fun to work with... and the hubby was up for anything I suggested....  but this is not the case for everyone...I had a few ladies that approached my wife and I for this type of photo-shoots but their hubbies were not agreeable.... why I ask??? I believe it's important for a lady to at least have 1 photo-shoot during her first pregnancy.... what better way to show off the beauty of a woman whilst she prepares herself and her body to bring forth a new life into this world.... and what do we say to these men who denies their spouses the privilege of doing something that would make them feel even more beautiful and appreciated...would like to hear other peoples thoughts on this one


7 months

7 months, originally uploaded by francoisNZ.

Leith at 7 months...

Is it a boy or a girl...???

Pregnant, originally uploaded by francoisNZ.

If it's a boy, he will be named Storm..
if she's a girl, she will be named Skye...
quite unique names I think...

Maternity shoot

Pregnant, originally uploaded by francoisNZ.

Leith and hubby Anthony at their first maternity shoot..

in love

in love, originally uploaded by francoisNZ.

Leith and hubby Anthony.... c'mon ladies, and hubbies, book your session now!!


Pregnant, originally uploaded by francoisNZ.

Leith and hubby Anthony... she is 7 months here..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

our garden wedding

our garden wedding, originally uploaded by francoisNZ.

garden wedding

garden wedding 02, originally uploaded by francoisNZ.

spectacular wedding photos in natural available light...
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Langverwagt venue

Langverwagt venue, originally uploaded by francoisNZ.

Interior shot of the reception area at Langverwacht

surrounded by daisies

surrounded by daisies, originally uploaded by francoisNZ.

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Kady, originally uploaded by francoisNZ.

another shot from the Madonna inspired English Rose Fashion Collection.


Harley, originally uploaded by francoisNZ.

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Kyle, originally uploaded by francoisNZ.

Fire chief costume ... want a photo of your kid in this costume...?? Book now for a photo session with excellent quality and results. I do studio photo shoots or I can come to your place and capture your kids in their space..
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Liam, originally uploaded by francoisNZ.

Leam in studio wearing black hat..

Ethan on flickr

Ethan on flickr, originally uploaded by francoisNZ.

Ethan in suitcase, 2 years old with gradient background and a bit of selective colour.


Tyler, originally uploaded by francoisNZ.

Tyler, 7 months old, love this shot with the falling tear...


Aden, originally uploaded by francoisNZ.

Aden set in forest with sepia tones to create an age old photo..


Aden, originally uploaded by francoisNZ.

The fire chief..
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Kady, originally uploaded by francoisNZ.

Kady, dressed in colorful designer jacket from the English Roses Collection inspired by Madonna.
With her passion for music, Madonna joined several groups, including The Breakfast Club. She was signed to Sire Records in 1982 and began a recording career that has spanned more than two decades and is recognized as one of the most successful and influential of modern times.

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