Saturday, September 12, 2009

King Of The Mountain

It’s almost time again for motorsport fans and enthusiasts across the country to make their way to Gydo Pass, Ceres for the annual premier mountain race challenge.
Last year’s event received plenty of attention from the media due to the nature of the accidents that happened on that day (3 in total, 2 was serious), the event was finally cancelled after the 3rd accident…

Despite the unwanted incidents, it was a pleasant weekend. Supercars and highly modified vehicles made their way to the top of the mountain in blazing fast speeds… well some did, others were not so lucky.. and I must add, as a motorsport enthusiast and WRC fan myself, certain drivers do not belong in a race like this… I’ve seen better driving… the accidents that happened could have been avoided.. and then there is the issue with uneducated spectators. Marshalls tried their best to control the crowd but certain people are just plain idiots.. ignoring any and all the rules that has been laid out to them.

The first accident was caused by such a stupid spectator, the second was caused by a spectator parking his bakkie on the side of the road… directly in the racing line.. and the rules were clear that no unauthorized vehicles should be parked anywhere on the mountain.
The third accident was driver’s error, wrong line, locked up on the brakes, lost control and into the crowd.
I’m hoping that this year’s event will be a promising event, ridiculously fast cars, competent drivers and no unwanted incidents…

If I could make a request.. please leave your little ones at home, motorsport, particularly on a public road, is very dangerous, if you drink, do so responsibly and obey the rules of motorsport, listen to the request of the marshalls and obey them, don’t be an idiot and we should all be able to enjoy this event..
See you there and be safe …

Francois Willemburg

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Daniel update

I heard an interesting story yesterday...

My sister-in-law, who is pregnant now was at the hospital on Monday. She met a stranger there who started talking to her about a small premature baby boy, how she cried when she first read his story and saw his first pics, how she and her family prayed for him... then she mentioned that his name is Daniel... Candice just smiled and told her that Daniel is a family member and that she knows all about the birth.. :-)
The lady was so shocked and happy to hear that and at the same time wanted to know how Daniel was doing... hence this new update...

Firstly, I want to thank everyone out there who has been reading my blog since Daniel's amazing entry into this world, thank you for all your well wishes, the phone calls, the emails, thank you for your support and prayers... we have had an overwhelming repsonse thus far and we are glad that there are people like you out there who cares. Thank you so much.

Daniel has really been a blessing to us, he is doing so well. He was 7 months old on Sunday (actual age is 5 months) and he weighs 8kg. He is a very friendly, healthy little boy and very energetic.. (besides a cold that just wont go away).. We had him at the pediatrician yesterday and he was super impressed with Daniel's progress.

I do spend quite a bit of time with Daniel.. recording him and taking pics.. when I'm not over working myself, yes, full time photography can become quite hectic at times.. but I do make time for my boy.. and I don't mind sitting up with him at night....
Daniel started to talk on Friday saying "Dadda"!!! both me and Chantal was very impressed with our boy.. see the video clip.. i'm definitely a proud dad :-)

Please do keep us in your prayers as we're looking fwd to Daniel achieving his next milestones... crawling, walking, singing, taking photos... oops, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here.. :-))
have a pleasant day further..

Francois Willemburg

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