Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good news :-)

Hey guys

We are all excited here at home.. Daniel is coming home on Friday!!! That indeed is good news for us. He is doing so well and is weighing 2.35kg's. Chantal will be sleeping in at the hospital tomorrow night with Daniel (will be the first time that mommy and baby will sleep together)...

Thank you again to all our wonderful friends, family and work colleagues for your support, phone calls, messages and emails. Thanks Investec guys for all the cool gifts. I have had quite a few people who asked me or Chantal.. "when is Francois updating the blog???!!" my apologies guys, it's been kinda hectic on my side as well...

...but now that Daniel will be with us everyday you can be sure that there will be loads more new pics of Daniel on this site.. actually looking fwd to that... I have taken so many photos of other kids thus far, it's about time I repay myself the favor of taking pics of my own son... will need to get a separate hard drive for all his pics now; anyone has a spare 1TB HD drive that they might wanna toss my way??? lol..

Francois Willemburg
Freelance photographer

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