Thursday, February 11, 2010

Daniel's 1st birthday party

by Chantal Willemburg

I cant believe a year has passed since our miracle was born. Daniel has been a real blessing to both Francois and I. He has come into this world straight through the lions den, but that experience hasn’t altered his character. We have watched him grow from this tiny little being who weighed just 1.69kg to the bubbly, happy, laughable tot he is today.

Thank you to all that have kept us in prayer during my time in hospital, during his birth and his time in Neo Natal, we will forever be grateful.

I’ve attached a few pics of Saturday’s party. I was quite impressed with my husband, he made the ‘faces’ and decorated the birthday cake.

Together we made the hunny pots. It was a real memorable occasion, hoping to share many more with my hubby, tot and hopefully in a few years his little sister or brother.

Francois Willemburg

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