Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daniel at 2months

Daniel has been growing very well and he is a healthy young man.. i mean baby boy.. (can't wait for when he's all grown up)

He is 2 months old now and his delivery day was today! (04-04-09).. this would have been very close to my birthday :-)
I don't think that Chantal would have been able to handle all the pain that she had until now!! We are so glad that things happened the way it did and we are very grateful for having our cute precious little angel with us. I love this boy so much and only want what would be best for him... I guess that's how all parents think but I have big expectations for our son and I will surely be there every step of the way to make sure that he achieve his goals... (or will that be my goals???) I guess not, but I will definitely guide our boy in the right direction. My biggest aim will probably be to make sure that he get exposed to the latest high-tech gadgets and technology from an early age... these are things that really interest me and I think it will be very advantageous in the future.. who knows where technology will lead us to in the next 15 years...??? ask Daniel a bit later on, i'm sure he will look up from his touch screen notebook and give an answer that will amaze you... :-))

I wonder if he will ever be as passionate about photography like I am??? I guess I will just have to influence him in his early years.. :-))
Can you imagine a 7 year old at a wedding being the second shooter, armed with the latest Canon camera, shooting away and charming the ladies at the same time...?? now this will be history in the making I tell you... there's always a first for everything.. :-))

Francois Willemburg
Freelance photographer

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Lesley Marks said...

Nicely done Francois, these are great cute shot's of Daniel... looks like he is gonna be a great charmer with that smile. the girls will have to cue in line :-)
I am really happy for you guys...

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