Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daniel's last day in NICU...

It's been a while since I last posted some pics of Daniel... have been very busy lately (work and Daniel)... going to bed at 04:30am and getting up for work at 07:30am ain't the easiest thing to do... :-(

Here is some pics of Daniel just before he was released from hospital, 4 weeks ago...
Since then he has gone for an eye test, with good results, he has been to his first paediatrician visit, everything there went ok and he has been picking up weight at a good pace. His last recorded weight was 2.84kg at 6 weeks.. he should be close to 3kg's now... he will go for his next weigh-in next week.

Everything has been running smoothly thus far.. both me and Chantal are very happy about this. Daniel is the sweetest baby boy ever!! of coz he has a few up and downs, but nothing to complain about. We love our boy to bits and enjoy seeing him grow day by day... he sure is going to be one fine handsome teenager... but for now we are just happy with him still being our little baby.

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