Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Daniel @ 10 months!

He's a big boy now, 10 months old and weighs just over 10kg's (birth weight was 1.69 kg's ).
He's only starting to crawl now and he's 2nd tooth is making it's appearance.. and obviously I'm there, armed with my camera to capture anything and everything that's new in his life.
Daniel truly is an inspiring child; although he has been through so much at birth he greets each new day with a smile - I nicknamed him "smiley" .. he never has a sad face nor do he cry for no reason and he makes everyone smile around him - i sure do hope that one day when he is a bit older, that he can uplift someone with this beautiful gift. Daniel indeed is a gift to us.
He has another name as well - "Sparkles" it seems like his eyes are made of glass and it constantly has a sparkle in it - and it sparkles even more when he has this beautiful smile!!
What else do I say as a proud Dad?? "I love you my son and I know you will make us proud in years to come."

A few images of Daniel taken this month.


Francois Willemburg

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