Sunday, December 6, 2009


Wow!! Time really does fly when you're having fun hey!! It's been a while since I updated here... but it's been busy on my side, very busy, sorry folks.

I've been concentrating on work and finishing our website. We officially went live on Friday morning 04/12/09 @ 01h00.
Please do visit our site with flash enabled galleries, read what our clients had to say in our testimonials section and subscribe to our new blog for latest updates. Please do let me know what you think and where we can improve on making the site better and faster.
All comments will be appreciated.

I will continue to use this blog for my personal use and mostly for updates on Daniel (must do a big update on him soon!)
All my professional work will be posted on the photofuzion blog within the site.

Live the moment, We'll capture it forever!!

Francois Willemburg

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