Friday, February 20, 2009

Daniel at 2 weeks

Our little boy is 2 weeks old today, and boy has his health improved, he amazes Chantal and I as well as the doctor and sisters in ICU. Chantal has attempted to breast feed this week, Tuesday proved to be successful, Daniel was suckling away and actually fell asleep in the process. He was a bit lazy to suckle on Wednesday and Thursday, the sisters explained that this is understandable as Daniel is still very young and still needs to adapt to the latching and suckling process. But I am very proud of our son, he is doing well for someone that young, kinda reminds me of myself. Daniel still receives the Vi Daylin multivitamin as well as a supplement (FM85) with his milk. He also receives a dose of caffeine each day. On Wednesday Chantal walked into ICU and saw that our angel was wearing clothes! They have switched off the incubator and Daniel was producing his own body heat. Amazing hey!!!! He weighted 1.80kg on Wednesday, by Thursday he picked up another 4 grams and weighed 1.84kg. Chantal has started changing his nappies and washing him off...not long before our angel's at home with us, I can hardly believe it!

Francois Willemburg
Freelance photographer


Shana | Secretary Diaries | said...

The pics of your little one are so gorgeous! Congrats!

francois said...

Thanks Shana! I love taking pics of the little one :-))

Lesley Marks said...

Good to hear Daniel is doing so well... looks like he's improving and growing fast by the day, Tell him uncle Les will see him in a week's time... :)

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