Thursday, February 12, 2009

Daniel day 6

Daniel is smiling!!!!

Last night after work I spent some time with our baby and took a few more pics... the best one is where looks like he is smiling!!! The one where he is sleeping with my wedding ring in his hand is way to cute!! love that pic also...

The MRI scan was done and everything appears to be normal.. so happy about that.
His feed dosage has increased to 6.6 mils p/2hr and was set to increase to 9 mils p/2hr this morning. This shows that he is doing very well. As all newborn babies, Daniel has lost 100gram from his birth weight. He now weighs 1.59kg. This will change soon and he will increase his weight at a steady pace...

All these pictures of Daniel was taken in low light conditions and no flash was used.. to much flash cant be to good for his small sensitive eyes...
typical camera settings was:
manual mode
ISO 1600 - 3200
f/2.0 - f/2.8
shutter 1/60
file format: RAW

Francois Willemburg
Freelance photographer

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Lesley Marks said...

Great to see that Daniel is doing well... i love this series, great photo's all round... Love the smile...

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