Friday, February 6, 2009

Daniel's first pics

Hi all..
Just visited Daniel in ICU and returned with a few pics...
He is a healthy boy, weighing in at 1.69kg,he is currently on a machine that helps him with his breathing.. he had a bit of a rough start to life due to the extremely sudden and unprepared delivery, (see post below for details) but both mommy and baby is doing fine... baby is searching for his dummy already :-))

will keep you guys posted with new developments and new pics..

Francois Willemburg
Freelance photographer


Lesley Marks said...

Biblical name borne by the prophet whose story is told in the Book of Daniel. He was an Israelite slave of the Assyrian king Nebuchandnezzar, who obtained great favour through his skill in interpreting dreams and the 'writing on the wall' at the feast held by Nebuchandnezzar's son Belshazzar. His enemies managed to get him cast into a lion' den, but he was saved by God. This was a favourite tale in the Middle Ages, often represented in miracle plays. The name has been popular since the 16th century and particularly since the 1980s. Famous bearers include Daniel Beddingfield (singer), Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter actor) and Daniel Bassett (musician).

francois said...

This is so cool Les!! and now we have Daniel Willemburg!!!
I bet you he's gonna be famous as well! lol :-)

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