Friday, February 13, 2009

Daniel Day 7

Hi Guys
So sorry that I am so late with Daniel's update's extremely hectic on my side.. I'm preparing for a big wedding tomorrow in beautiful Hermanus (will be a long day...) and I was soooo busy preparing for our big production shoot on Sunday. Everything is going as scheduled and the outcome should be nothing less then expected...

A big thank you to everyone who reads my blog and for sending all the emails and txt messages, Chantal, Daniel and I appreciate your concerns in this time that we are going through...

Daniel had me worried for a while as his heartbeat raised to almost 200 beats p/min.... on average it should be 155 .. the doctors took blood samples to check for infections but found none...(relieved). The feeding pipe that was connected to his umbilical cord was removed and a new line has been placed onto his left arm. This was a bit painful for him and he cried quite a bit... then his heartbeat stopped for a while... and they had to help his breathing with some extra oxygen. He has recovered well since then. He was sleeping very peacefully when we left, but he did managed to give us a little cute smile before he dosed off again. His milk levels has increased to 14mils p/2hrs..
They also measured him now and from head to toe he is 45.6cm, that is very tiny. I will get his new weight from the nurse tomorrow.

Francois Willemburg
Freelance photographer

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Lesley Marks said...

He is a fighter like his Mom and Dad... our Prayers are with you guys, i like the selective colour shots, nicely done :)

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