Monday, February 9, 2009

Daniel Day 4

Today Chantal got to hold Daniel for the first time and the tears was rolling down her cheeks!!! She's a real softie... but it was such an incredibly beautiful experience..
He's breathing pipes has been removed and he is breathing on his own.. he forgets to breath sometimes (becoz he's still so small) but then the sensors that's attached to him will trigger the machine and help him to breath.

We also exchanged the breast pump we bought last week, the Medela mini electric... absolute rubbish I must say. We have no experience about these things whatsoever, but when Chantal used this pump for the first time last night, 02:15am to be exact, it woke up the entire household!!! The motor in this small thing is so loud that I immediately called the store this morning and demanded a refund. I was told because we opened the package they cannot do a refund... and I replied, "...why don't you add on your package.. caution: extremely loud motor inside". For the price we payed, I expected at least something better..., these pumps are supposed to be discreet, not sound like a tractor every time you use it!!! everyone else seemed to rave about how good this pump is... I guess I am not everyone else then... They replaced it at the end with a newer, quieter version, the Medela Swing Electric and we are now more then happy about our second choice and I will recommend it to any one looking for a descent quiet breast pump that works perfectly.
Because she can't breast feed Daniel yet, she will have to express milk for at least 4-6 weeks twice a day, so it was important for us to solve this issue pronto.

Daniel says hi to all his friends out there............
I posted a dedication to Chantal here...
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Lesley Marks said...

What a special moment, so glad that you share these moments with us,
Tell Daniel I can't wait to meet him in person and give him a big hug from me...
Glad they replaced the pump for you guys,


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