Friday, February 6, 2009


Gosh!! WOW!! I was still busy writing my previous blog when I heard Chantal scream... doctor was about to do a speculum test when they discovered that baby was laying bridged and about to come out!!!! The next thing I heard was Chantal screaming and baby came out, bum fist then his feet... there was no time to grab the camera coz she was just in so much pain, had to be there next to her side, things was going extremely hectic and at a very fast pace..

baby is fine now and in Neonatal ICU.. from the glimpse I saw of him he was very tiny, about 30cm and a weight of bout 1.7kg's.. will give update on this a little later... I will check up on him later as soon as he is properly setup...

Mom is doing fine, I felt a bit faintish afterwards :-) and will update on baby's health as soon as I have the results...

Thank you guys for all your prayers and for thinking about us...

need to go see to Chantal now...


Francois Willemburg
Freelance photographer

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